The 3 most amazing beach houses of all time

When it comes to houses, nothing beats a beach house. Waking up to the cool breeze and enjoying the amazing view is always relaxing. Beach houses are actually worth the total costs and this is why they tend to be highly expensive. Though it is fun, relaxing and exciting living in a beach house, not all of them are perfect or have a picturesque look. Some of them have not been designed to fit the right level of luxury. Some of the most amazing beach houses of all time include;

1. Uptown court


Situated in England, it does not only feature among the best beach houses in the world but adds its value by having some historic value. Since the 19th century the house has held the record of the most important private residential home to be built in England. The house is currently valued at 150 million U.S dollars.

2. Malibu dreams


Situated in California, it features as one of the most amazing and luxurious beach houses in the world today. Having an amazing view of the pacific it all of its facilities are controlled by the smart technology. It can actually be referred to as a smart house.

3. Acqua Liana


Saving the best for last, the mansion can be considered as the most amazing, if not the best, luxurious beach side mansion available. To add on that it was built by a real estate guru known as Frank McKinney.

Apart from the huge mansion and size of land, the house is actually eco-friendly. The three story building compiles ideas found in different places in the world including Tahiti and Hawaii.

If you are looking for beach home ideas, these three will provide you with all the luxurious ideas you may require. The uniqueness and modernization of these homes are what makes them stand out from the rest.